Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying Service

POSH Cleaning Service | POSH Maid Service - Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying Service - Leave NO Germs
POSH Cleaning Service | POSH Maid Service - Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying Service

The Advantage of  Electrostatic Mist:

Electrostatic spraying provides significantly better coverage of surfaces, as opposed to a typical directional sprayer.
Electrically charged liquids create a fine mist which has a 360° wrap around effect, through the air.
Gets into unreachable nooks, crannies and crevices that typical cleaning may miss.
Droplets hold their cationic charge for 2-3 seconds on surfaces - resisting each other to spread evenly, and reducing dripping.
Also fights odours and mold. Germs in the air that the mist interacts with are destroyed.
POSH Cleaning Service | POSH Maid Service - Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying Service - Leave NO Germs
POSH Cleaning Service | POSH Maid Service - Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying Service diagram

Non-Toxic, Yet Highly Effective, Disinfectant

POSH’s disinfectant liquid is not harmful to humans, animals, plant or marine life - yet it kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. The chemicals found in common disinfectant products can be toxic and harmful to your health - POSH avoids using these for the health & safety of our clients and staff, as well as being earth friendly.

No protective equipment is required.
Spaces can be occupied immediately after spraying.

What to Expect: Very unhappy germs!

With the add-on of our Disinfectant Spraying Service to your regular cleaning, all accessible areas are sprayed. These include: the lower perimeter of all rooms and spaces, all furniture and outer of appliances, and extra attention to higher risk areas such as touch-points, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Square Feet
  • Up to 1000
  • Up to 2000
  • Up to 3000
  • Up to 4000
  • Up to 5000
  • $195
  • $255
  • $315
  • $375
  • $435

Recurring POSH customers: 30% OFF

*Discounted recurring rate only applies after the second visit, and only during your cleaning visit. Prices are for spraying only - does not include cleaning. Taxes Extra. Effective April 1, 2020.

State of the Art Disinfecting Techniques for Healthier Spaces

Pre-Screening. Please confirm that no occupant of your premises is:
Experiencing fever or cough, or other flu-like symptoms.
Have been in contact with anyone at risk of being infected.
Recently returned from travel.
Aware of any biological hazards.

*POSH does not service premises where currently ill persons are on site. A 72-hour wait time is needed after the ill person(s) have left, AND persons who have co-occupied the premises with the ill person(s) has left. POSH will screen each client during the booking process and prior to work commencing on site as to the presence of persons who are ill.

Please be sure to also review our ‘Client Info Sheet’ which contains info regarding:
Scheduled Arrival Times
Prepare for Our Arrival at Your Home
Changes to Your Service Date/ Time
Cleaning VS. Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray

Generally, best practices dictate that cleaning be performed prior to disinfection.(It simply comes down to the disinfectant being able to directly contact all areas of the surface, whereas if dirt were present it may block the disinfectant...).

Please indicate your preference (Choose One)*
Cleaning, then disinfecting-spray. (Cleaning standards were not previously maintained / there is no known case of illness).
Disinfecting-spray, then cleaning. (Cleaning standards were previously maintained / there is a potential case of illness).
Pre-Disinfecting-spray, then cleaning, then post-disinfecting-spray. (Potential case of illness is high).
Disinfecting-spray only. (Preventative measure).

The package prices outlined are for each application of disinfecting spray. Cleaning fees are not included. Please ask us to quote your cleaning separately.


The germ killing agent in POSH’s disinfectant (Hypochlorous Acid) smells like the ingredient in bleach that does the germ killing (and it’s actually better at disinfecting than bleach), however - it does not have chemicals found in bleach which discolour and break down surfaces. The smell is like a swimming pool. Other than water, the only other ingredient is table salt!

A slight residue or film may appear in some areas.

In general, effective disinfection requires that the product remain wet on the target surfaces; the length varies from 1 to 10 minutes (or more) depending on the type of disinfectant, and the level of germ killing desired. Upon the liquid drying a very light residue may appear, especially on shiny surfaces like glass or chrome. This is easy to dust or damp-wipe off, however dry residue will continue to provide sanitizing action if it remains.

NOTE Regarding Removing Residue: Depending on how you obtain your services listed below, if disinfecting spray is the last step performed, POSH does not include polishing off of residue. We would be happy to do so (we love polishing :), however additional fees would apply.

Where/ What We Spray

POSH does not move furniture, rugs, art, etc. Small, non-breakable, objects which can be picked up with one hand (ie. throw cushions or toilet seats) will be lifted by staff while spraying. De-cluttering is recommended (unless you want those objects sprayed :). POSH will take all reasonable precautions, however we will not be responsible for objects susceptible to liquid damage (such as paper documents, leather, valuables, etc).

POSH will not spray inside clothes closets or cabinets unless specifically requested. Bedding will be generally avoided (the best way to disinfect bedding is good-ol-laundry), however bedding will likely be exposed to some spray. Bed frames do get sprayed.

*As a result of our site assessment, (considering the biohazard risk or any other requirements): should POSH determine that the situation requires it, we may indicate services will only be provided if the full package of ‘Pre-Disinfecting-spray, then cleaning, then post-disinfecting-spray’ is completed.

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