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Kindly note, a firm quote will be provided only after we have done a walk-through of your home.
This is typically done on the day of your booked service visit, before work commences.
Alternatively, we can arrange a pre-service assessment visit to your home and provide a firm quote.
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Integrity Pricing

POSH always provides Flat-Rate Pricing. As a customer you will be confident knowing exactly what areas will be cleaned at a firm price - before work commences.

You will NOT have the risk of purchasing services by the hour - relying on the speed of the Cleaning Technicians to determine  how much gets cleaned - then perhaps having to purchase more hours if they fall short!

With the combination of Flat-Rate Pricing and a Service Guarantee you can rest assured you will receive value.

Our Minimum Service Visit
Fees are:

$145 for Recurring,
and $295 for one-time / occasional.

$50 Booking Deposit

We request a $50 deposit, to be paid via credit card, the first time you reserve a service-visit with POSH. You will receive an email from POSH upon booking which outlines the date/ time, price (+HST) and related details.

This deposit is automatically deducted from your payment on the day of service. The $50 deposit is REFUNDABLE until 48 hours prior to your reservation, after this time the $50 would serve as a cancellation fee. The deposit is only required the very first time you book with POSH - you may make reservations in future without a deposit.

Late Payment Fee

POSH charges a late-payment fee of 10% if payment is not received on the day of service, and an additional $10 for each day that payment is not received thereafter.

Please note, POSH services offered do not include laundry or dishes.
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